"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry." -Tom Mullen

Hello Universe!

Welcome ... henceforth, will be mostly about Our Story and hopefully more decades of stories ahead of us,
in this now-life-long journey of marriage, and yeah, maybe that includes all the bling-blings in between. =)

About 10 yrs of long (and sometimes twisted) engagement...then just got civilly married in 2009...
and we just did it again in a church, exactly a year after --- last 28th of July 2010 @ 3pm
---a dream come true vintage themed wedding!!! Hooray!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Endless Thanks to the Universe.

Oh Hello, I almost forgot I have another blog in here...LOL!

Finally....here are highlights and memoirs that's been keeping my heart beat like a jungle drum..hehe

Warning: Loooong post below you'll surely scroll down a whole page on your screen LOL so yeah, feel free to grab your cup of coffee or tea if you wish haha ...and I hope I don't keep you all flooded much with these vintage love madness of mine. ♥

Photo credits: Rock Paper Scissors Photography

Okay, those are the only photos I can at least upload here. Apparently, our photos have been scattered way ahead of me hahaha so yeah, head on for the whole vintage whirlwind wedding here!

I will have to probably blog all the tiny details separately in the next hundred years! Seriously! LOL! *phew*

Endless Thanks to Everyone, our dear Parents, our Families, our Relatives, Wedding Ninong and Ninangs, and Friends, who went out their way to find a vintagey attire to dress up to our wedding Ahahah, and even those who didn't make it to the wedding but sent their love wishes - great great greaatttt THANKS!

And to the wondrous dream team, I couldn't imagine how things go as miraculous as it was without you all!

Ceremony: Archbishop's Palace Chapel Cebu City (coz we love one intimate place!)

Officiating Priest: Fr. Nioret, SDB

Church Choir

Reception: Vistamar Boadwalk, Mactan Cebu City (love love love the beachfront!)

Wedding Coordinator/Friend: Tisha Sanchez-Cue of Bliss Unlimited (she's just a superwoman!)

Photobooth: SayCheese! The Party Photobooth (view all an amazing collection of BW,yey! Super thanks Teody!!!)

Decor & Styling: Sheila Ruiz of Lush Blooms (the gorgeous lady and her team who put all my craze together,too!)

Official Photographers:Rock Paper Scissors Photography (RPS) + Calography

Videographer: Franz Arrogante (can't thank enough this guy seriously for the magical work on our dream vintagey wedding video I'd still cry heaps replaying over and over again!)

Wedding Dress Inspiration from a 1970s Design
Wedding Dress Customized by: Jolito from Talisay Cebu City (my miracle designer!)

HMUA: Jonas Borces

Wedding cupcake tower and caterer: Thanks Petit and Kusina Habana

Reception Band: Adlib Jazz Band (oh baby, we got saxophone on the house!!! i'm so inlove! thanks guys!)

Our pretty delightful emcee/friend: Caticat

Bridal Vintage Bike & Half of Vintagey decors I borrowed: owned by friend Bevlee (I love this vintage queen!!!)

BFF Yvonne - for being my 2nd brain all the time all thru out the preparations! Luv yah to bits!

Faery buddy: Govinda for all the work wonder in the postcard lay out on our wedding invitation & last minute sketching on the guestbook Hehe

Melanie and Neil - for recommending Adlib jazz band for us! Weeehoo!

Major Wedding Inspiration source: Rock n Roll Bride (i'm beyond words with all the ideas from this amazing site!)

I can be very forgetful these days, so please forgive me if I fail to mention up your name here. I owe each of you a tight hug for making every moment of our wedding as overwhelmingly delirious as it had been! ♥♥♥

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our-Dream-Come-True-Vintage-themed Wedding

{P R E V I E W}

Can I just let the images express how wayyy exhilarating our wedding had been? Can't believe it's been a month ago,huh?. Everything flashes in a real pretty slow motion in my head right this instant that I feel all soppy again and missing the fuss of it all!! Really really! =)

Preview Shots from Rock Paper Scissors
I'm just really a 'flat-shoe' person so yeah, there I am shooe-ing it off. =)
And I will tell you more about that DIY bouquet next time. *wink*

I'm sure it wouldn't surprise you that we had a bridalcar bike! Ahehehe

Preview Shots from Calography
We aren't really this smoochy okay, but they made us do it in public
And I can't do it any funnier as this was hahaha

So i know this is not really enough, i'm like writing and catchin' my breath now coz it's just too much adrenaline rush even recalling everything....awaiting deliriously from our official team of photographers to speed up with all the rest of the photos! That's a hint of pressure guys! Hehehe =)

Friday, August 6, 2010


So this is a really fast forward post....WE JUST GOT MARRIED! AGAIN!!!
And I have yet to blog all the happy details I know....but for now, I'm posting my-dream-come-true-vintagey-super8-style-wedding video =)
and BIG thanks to Franz Arrogante who did such overwhelming job on that!!!

And you can already tell I've replayed this countless times...
It seems that I can't wait to show this to my future grandchildren!

Be very still, my heart.........

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Wedding Map....tadaaaah!

Remember this post?

Well, who said husbands don't meddle around on wedding preps???
Most of us brides know in the history of men that husbands usually just leave all the wedding blings blings to us, yeah? Oh but lucky lucky me, I just discovered more recently my husband's amazing talent of drawing/sketching. He even made me my photography logo. Yeeeehaaaa! (oh i did brag about that already right? haha)

The husband has always love drawing since high school but left that kind of talent untapped over the years. Haha Well, such gifts must serve their purpose right? and so, I bought him his bamboo toy last May so he can start drawing again. Hurrayyy! So for the passed week, he spent few nights in drawing up our wedding map -- religiously -- not just the starting point of where our chapel is located but also few significant places where we've spent our time together, up until where our wedding reception is -- by the beach!

Oh I am such a proud wifey grinning at you now. Nobody should get lost with this huh? Haha We'll just add few tiny descriptions on the print later! Gotta click to zoom in! Weeeeeh!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just popping in....
I know I've been out from this blog ...i know i know...

And no one's running away from that ticking countdown....
I'm just gettin into the real stuff now...hands on, work in progress...blah blah....hehe
so bloggin' the details will be a little delayed...

No worries, i think planning should still be on the right track...
That's myself convincing uhmmm ..MYSELF. Ahahaha

Be right back. promise.
I've just been deliriously busy
here, too.

In the meantime, I soooooo wanna dig this !!!
For someone chocoholic as me, how's this for a bartday cake?!!!
The world's largest Hershey Bar!!!! yeah baby!!!
i did want a Simpsons cake...but this will still make me the happiest kid on earth!
and i only wished they got the dark chocolate! =)

When I turn to the husband to ask, I see his BIGGEST GRIN but he suggested why not have it as our WEDDING CAKE...bwahahahaahhhaah

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Deadliest Deadines this May!!!!

Staring at my google calendar, apparently all weekends seems to be booked either with client shoots or piles of edits, huh? Uhmmm..anyway....still...the following list below MUST be DONE!!! Otherwise, I'm doomed! tsk tsk

1. Must start (i think i told myself a million times on this, ooops!) and FINISH design of DIY Guestbook *wink*

similar to this in mind...
2. Collaboration with buddy Dimps and my hubby for the logo/monograms for wedding invites/table cards/etc --- *ahem, now a bragging wife coz husband just made me a lovey logo for my photography site here! ♥*

Hunt my wedding shoes/flats/boots/oxford? *eyes rolling hehe*

You know i actually adore this....it gave me some thoughts hehe but i know most won't agree...hihi
4. Hunt hubby's handsome-ness suit! *at least we've found his vintage-y shoes already! Yiiiyyy!*

5. Deal with what wedding favors to give! Why can't I just think of 'something'! *big cry*

6. Find us a jazz/bossa band (as budget is tight though, if this plan fails, hope the jukebox comes as a rescue hihihi)

I imagine how awesome they'd be set up like this... * oh dreamin' away *
7. Oh, wait --- must book Church choir,too!

8. Church requirements pending to submit *big gulp*

9. Desperate to find 'wooden chairs for rent' yet for the reception! *big big cry*
10. Prenup Part 2 ---- OVERDUE! I'm supposed to have our self-portraits done but but but....my client shoots and my procrastination got in the way! *biggest cry* Hehehe

11. ENTOURAGE --- must fill in all the blanks for the assignments!!! *can I faint now?* =)

Oh dear ..oh dear.... 11 items to crash out?

La la la la....
All things are POSSIBLE!
*mantra today and tomorrow and the day after...la la la*

Monday, May 3, 2010

Early Wedding Gift, Yey!!!

Amidst so much to do yet for the wedding preparations, I have to at least blog this.
Well, why because we got our earliest wedding gift from my bff Yvon!

Free Concert Tickets to LISA ONO LIVE in Singapore!
Oh my I can scream HAPINESSSSSSSSS!!!!
I have missed Bebel Gilberto's Apr 19th concert and I just died knowing I couldn't make it. =(
Then came an uplifting news, found out thru friend Vanessa that someone else was coming to town.... weeeeeeeh!
For anyone who doesnt know her, Lisa Ono is a Japanese-Brazilian bossanova singer. Her official site: http://www.onolisa.com/

Don't wonder how much I love Lisa! least to say BOSSA & Jazz *as big as my grin shows perhaps?* =)
This is me and the hubby, while waiting at the lobby before the concert started. Teehee!
The husband is not originally a fan, but he's there to tag along with my craziness! =)

Throwing big hugs to Yvon now for the great treat!!!! Luv yahhhhhh!!!
♥ ♥ ♥

Who's back?

Me. Hah! =)
Sorry for the long absence since I left for Cebu homebound preps.
You don't need to hear my 'always busy' line of excuses *tongue out*

Let's get straight ahead down to business. Where do I start recheckin' my list huh?

1. I've visited again our wedding reception area at Vistamar --- last time I was there around 2006 and the moment I stepped there again --- I knew, it's meant to be it!

Here's beachfront I just took quickly of...
2. MIRACLE DRESSMAKER. Talk about miracle? My dearest wedding planner friend Tisha has helped me find one miracle dressmaker who can make my dream boho-vintage dress...and looks like the lace works are now work-in-progress!!! Woop! Let's hope everything turns out as they should be when I fit it! Haha *big big grin*

3. Videographer: booked and happy coz my super8mm style/themed will be realized soon! Yey!

4. HMUA. Met my make up artist and had my hair done and all that ---my hair was all curly at the tip and I soo luv it...but for the make up? uhmmm i need to tell you how naive I was --really --- I'm just not into make up since birth hahaha -- so it appears that it turned out not much of a success yet. Well, we're doing a trial make up again when I get back to Cebu to work on my ignorance. Hahah no panic-mode on that yet! =)

5. Hotel dress up. We're booking "BE Hotel" (formerly Microtel) in Cebu. I fell in love with the minimalism of this pretty pretty place.
Oh yeah, meet my wedding planner friend Tisha and her hubby Teody. I couldn't have done much of the preps in Cebu without them!

And happy to meet our lovely florist, Sheila. So much to look forward to our styling ideas for the shabby-chic-vintagey reception!!!
6. Parent's Gown/Suit. All will be taken cared of by a family friend. Our mom's would look fab with these, won't they? =)

7. The Jukebox. Found it thru Teody. Hah! all along Teody knew where to find one and it's at one of the best dining place in Cebu, Casa Verde! Haha. But we haven't asked the owner how much to rent it --- just all gleeful when I saw it! can't imagine not having one in the reception you see! =)
8. Cupcake Tower & Food Food Food. These wouldn't be a problem as I discussed with Kusina Habana,too. Food tasting will have to be scheduled next time I get home before the wedding event.

Well well well, look how much we've achieved on my visit huh? *winks at Tisha!*
But why am I feeling that tingling 'thing' in me now? *glimpsing at the countdown*

85 days to go???!!!! Eng eng eng

I should hunt for my wedding shoes now, right? And oh finalize the wedding invites...and oh buy the groom his suit,too! Oh dear. *grin*

Monday, March 22, 2010

Homebound Preps

Off I pack up (yeah just me alone) this coming Friday, Mar 26 until Mar 30, 2010 to Cebu.
127 days to go before our wedding-to-be!!!
Apparently, the rest of the world is panickin' but not yet me. LOL!

So yeah, it's a sudden trip I need to take to attend on urgent matters to personally meet dear suppliers with my dearest wedding planner/friend Tisha Sanchez-Cue.

On top of my to-do-lists:
  • Ocular visit to Vistamar and work with all the styling together with our florist
  • Find me a "miracle" designer/dressmaker
  • Food tasting if feasible
  • Decide on Videographer (am serious on the super8mm!!!)
  • Checklisting on Church document requirements
  • Meet with officiant priest
  • Trial make up
  • And etcetera etcetera ......
In between times, I hope I can sneak out and get sunkissed by the beach!!! Teehee!
And can't wait to eat 'saging and ginamos' and 'binignit'!!!!
Wooooooooooooohhhh!!! =)

See you soon Seybuuu!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Where's the map?

Found this too adorable doodled map included in a couple's invitation card.
Why, oh my, I want ONE for Ours,too!!!!

I can ask the hubby to do so. Or I can attempt vainly myself. =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The (Wishful) Ring Bearer

oh gawwwd.im weak-kneed. to have a dog as a ring bearer.

if only mine too were truly trained. ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks to friend Janjan Perez for sharing the link thru Buzz.

Just one of those REALLY inspiring moments.

Come to think of it, I hadn't even thought who'll be our ring bearer actually.
Oh, later on with that. I'm swooning at this!!! =)

Knock knockin' the checklist....

*cough cough*

and crashin' out more items as some of my friends have been askin' how're the plans going...so here:
  • Book Chapel
  • Check Church requirements (e.g. pre-cana, baptismal records...)
  • Decide on Officiant
  • Reserve the Reception Place
  • Decide on Official Photographers
  • Decide on Videographer (Oooh this apparently is one of the hardest part, hmmm..gave up jason magbanua & mayad studios...why, hello, we're not filthy rich! AHahaha... so it almost made me think, nevermind the videography... but any idea on super 8mmfilmmakers? woodstock 70's style haha....hmm idea from somewhere but no clue if how it's gonna cost us)
  • Put together entourage & finalize guest list (100 should be intimate enough!)
  • Decide on Food Catering (prospects in place at least...hope's there's a sushi bar , onegaiii! hehe)
  • Find my wedding dress/gown (my fervent prayers to find it soon)
  • Find my hubby's suit (surely not a problem as it seems)
  • Find our wedding shoes (flats please?)
  • The bridal car BIKE!!! *grin*
  • Bridesmaids or no bridesmaids? (still contemplating...)
  • Decide on wedding cupcakes design & baker (mountain of cupcakes yeyy + my simpson cake to fit somewhere hihi)
  • Florists (origami if budget fails heheh)
  • HMUA
  • Envision the wedding stationeries, save-the-dates, place cards, etc (Yeyyy i have a faery friend to help me on this - Dimplesss!!!)
  • Snap station (polaroid? holga? vintage camwhoring weeeeeeeeeh)
  • Souvenirs (disposable cameras or what? oh i only wish)
  • Jazz band? (with bossa,too) --- will weed this out and find another option
There there. No panic mode yet. And I hope my wedding planner/friend will feel the same. Hmmmm.
Crashed out items means they're considered/taken cared of/already on top of my head blah blah....., booked/reserved and all we need to do is figuring out on putting them all together very soon.

I think I'm making it sound so easy. Tsk.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Get in Wedding-Day-Shape!

I was going over my Knot.com's checklist reminders again and glad to have marked off few major items that were taken cared off... *a little clap from you please and hugs to my wedding coordinator of course*...but there's this one teeny item that made me dread the day. Hahahaha

"Start taking better care of yourself. Get in wedding day shape ..."

(obviously this is not my tummy....hahaha)

And I smirked, "Yeah right!" Ahahahaha

Well, yeah I better be.

So far, I've been catchin' up with my jogging, biking and yoga last few weeks ----however, consistency is just where I flunked. Teehee!!!

But I am getting serious a bit now. I dare myself --- March will be a better start over to lose a few pounds.
*cross fingers*

And hey, this tasks goes for the husband too!!! So I hope it's gonna be a teamwork! Tsk tsk!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Recycle Recycle Recycle

Since we're aiming for really (hopefully) eco-friendly wedding so yes, we wanna abuse the word - RECYCLE.

And while I've been tryin' to de-clutter my head, I found another Boho Bride to be and found her site inspirational,too.

For instance, these recycled Coffee Cans:

And here's more earthy-madness:

And oooohhh DIY alternatives:

I imagine them quiet eccentric so will be stirring more RECYCLE ideas this month, that includes signage here and there courtesy with husband's yet amateur painting skills (see the Just Married sign in our bike shot in the header, yep yep, he did that!!! Teehee!) *wink wink*

Oh, I have a feeling this will be easy-breezy for our wonderful florist team,too. *winks to Tisha*

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Bouquet Inspiration

Oh my...................
I don't think I'd wanna throw this away.

I must put up a signboard somewhere that I'm not really THAT into Flowers. Oh but hey, I love them when I see them, not just INTO them, you know what I mean? So that's why I don't know what flowers to pick for my bouquet, needless to say for the whole wedding itself but Thank Heavens, I have a flower faery/friend/wedding coordinator Tisha to confide with. Teehee!
Else, I might go ahead with the thought of having ALL ORIGAMI to do the works. (but I still DO think it's a cool idea though) Hehe

And seeing this inspiration, my eyes sure beamed with my heart. Now let's figure out how to handmade one soon to match my (not yet found) wedding gown..
Hmm mmm mmm

The Food Matters

Their website tells proudly how their food tastes as good as they look and by far, I've got best recommendations from reliable sources too, so what better choice among others then --- and with pretty packages available that fits our pockets,too. Teehee! :)

And yes, we love wedding cupcakes....

And wait wait....there better be a mini SUSHI bar of course.
Oissshiii desu ne!!!

Hope these suppliers will be settled before this month ends.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Head spinnin'

I just recently put up that tick-tock wedding counter on the side bar.
It's pretty scary and exhilarating at the same time to look at you know -- a great way to keep me awake,too on sleepy lazy times ---like how I spent these passed days.

I've been rummaging online for outlandish ideas while I wait for my wedding coordinator/friend, Tisha to fix up our reception & catering details (contract drafting process by now).

Some updates on the CHECKLIST so far ...

Tisha have asked a videographer prospect who can possibly come up with a super8mm-style-wedding-coverage. THAT I'd luv to see a sample first before I go and sign the contract. =)

The initial idea is a Vintage PostCard or Airmail Design (with fun stamps & doodles) using a TYPEWRITER's Font. If I knew calligraphy myself or with my own proud handwriting skills (haha), I'd luv to just do so myself. Hmmm. Haven't drafted any details for that yet. Will be working closely with my faery buddy on that SOON. Our Deadline's on May(?)*winks to Dimps*


Ugh! Nothing I can uniquely think of yet. *sniff* (and i still call this update hehe)
I did mention about disposable cameras but I wanna still look for alternatives ---something eco-friendly on the budget and something NOT people just forget. =)

Jazz. Bossa. Putumayo. Indie. and yes, Beatles = That's all there is to melt me.
The hubby apparently has no preference, but my heart will surely get soaked if he'll strum his version for me of 'Fields of Gold' by Eva Cassidy. =)

Anything else I haven't crashed out from here are things I'm still staring at until now. *sigh*
Geeez, I'm starting to hear the real tickin' of that clock. Hehehe

Oh waitt..today's V-Day but excuse my indifference as I am not really into the V-thing Hehe, however I do like to quote "Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold." - Zelda Fitzgerald. =)

Spreadin' La la la ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, February 8, 2010


Before I write further, just so you know, I haven't given up on desperately searchin' for my wedding gown yet. *wink*

So while I'm rummaging on that, I am thinking to spare our GUESTS from same tedious task (or NOT?!). As I want something at least out of the mundane, like how fun it was wearing GREEN on our civil wedding while the rest wore WHITE, so this time on our church wedding, how about if the rest wear JUST ANYTHING but VINTAGE-Y.

For the entourage, this melts me!
Look how the muted tones are just purrfect!!!

And for everyone else, just come as kinda modern with

Ohhhh well, I don't know yet --- these are part of my raging random thoughts.
I keep sayin' ---- WHY NOT!!!!
A faery friend of mine then suggested to award the bestest vintagey guest to arrive.
Interesting, yeah?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Be still my heart.
I just wanted to cry happily finding this OTHER

*all the goosebumps i can feel now*

But I went utterly out of heartbeat --- when I found out this was already RESERVED for someone else --- imagine my total dismay...and in no time, few minutes (while writing this), the owner replied to confirm the buyer already made the deposit. Given that I might find a dressmaker to make one for me, will it even cost me as wonderfully cheap as this with all those details? Hmmmmm.

Enuf said...moving on.... to more etsy-hoppin'. *BIG SIGH*

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