"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry." -Tom Mullen

Hello Universe!

Welcome ... henceforth, will be mostly about Our Story and hopefully more decades of stories ahead of us,
in this now-life-long journey of marriage, and yeah, maybe that includes all the bling-blings in between. =)

About 10 yrs of long (and sometimes twisted) engagement...then just got civilly married in 2009...
and we just did it again in a church, exactly a year after --- last 28th of July 2010 @ 3pm
---a dream come true vintage themed wedding!!! Hooray!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Deadliest Deadines this May!!!!

Staring at my google calendar, apparently all weekends seems to be booked either with client shoots or piles of edits, huh? Uhmmm..anyway....still...the following list below MUST be DONE!!! Otherwise, I'm doomed! tsk tsk

1. Must start (i think i told myself a million times on this, ooops!) and FINISH design of DIY Guestbook *wink*

similar to this in mind...
2. Collaboration with buddy Dimps and my hubby for the logo/monograms for wedding invites/table cards/etc --- *ahem, now a bragging wife coz husband just made me a lovey logo for my photography site here! ♥*

Hunt my wedding shoes/flats/boots/oxford? *eyes rolling hehe*

You know i actually adore this....it gave me some thoughts hehe but i know most won't agree...hihi
4. Hunt hubby's handsome-ness suit! *at least we've found his vintage-y shoes already! Yiiiyyy!*

5. Deal with what wedding favors to give! Why can't I just think of 'something'! *big cry*

6. Find us a jazz/bossa band (as budget is tight though, if this plan fails, hope the jukebox comes as a rescue hihihi)

I imagine how awesome they'd be set up like this... * oh dreamin' away *
7. Oh, wait --- must book Church choir,too!

8. Church requirements pending to submit *big gulp*

9. Desperate to find 'wooden chairs for rent' yet for the reception! *big big cry*
10. Prenup Part 2 ---- OVERDUE! I'm supposed to have our self-portraits done but but but....my client shoots and my procrastination got in the way! *biggest cry* Hehehe

11. ENTOURAGE --- must fill in all the blanks for the assignments!!! *can I faint now?* =)

Oh dear ..oh dear.... 11 items to crash out?

La la la la....
All things are POSSIBLE!
*mantra today and tomorrow and the day after...la la la*

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