"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry." -Tom Mullen

Hello Universe!

Welcome ... henceforth, will be mostly about Our Story and hopefully more decades of stories ahead of us,
in this now-life-long journey of marriage, and yeah, maybe that includes all the bling-blings in between. =)

About 10 yrs of long (and sometimes twisted) engagement...then just got civilly married in 2009...
and we just did it again in a church, exactly a year after --- last 28th of July 2010 @ 3pm
---a dream come true vintage themed wedding!!! Hooray!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Wedding, Finally!

But first, here's a little playback.

So when did we start planning the wedding?
I know it seemed sudden to some and a BIG surprise to most but we decided right when we ask ourselves "why not?" and maybe another thought too was "Isn't it about time finally after more than 9 years?" LOL!

Of course, like any other long engagements, we've been through a lot together and I need not to really mention every page of the story right? Haha. What's more important is the "NOW" and the days ahead where we both can grow together even with our differences and learn to love more each other like never before.

After receiving blessings from our parents, we applied for a civil matrimony first through ROM and had a DIY planning. (Thanks for the inspiration and advices from a friend Dee who did their wedding through ROM as well early this year and the great assistance from my BFFs Mae (in Cebu) and Yvon (in SG). And since I wanted it to be held somewhere near a beach/garden, the Pasir Ris Park (Singapore) which was a few minutes away from the house was just perfectly right and FREE to use. We actually bought our wedding bands about a few months ago (May 2009) and even before that, I was itchy to wear my ring already. Haha. We found the best dining place also, only a few minutes walk from our venue --- so the beachy-feel I love was already there and the food was all just perfect,too.

And Yes, I'm probably the simplest Bride-in-Green you'll know so far (with less make up and shoes from my sponsor Nina weeeh!) and everyone else was in White. Why? ---well, Why not?. Teehee! I'll have my turn to wear the White one soon anyway, a year later as planned for our church wedding to be held in Cebu. That will be another exhilarating adventure soon! And wait, does that still make me a Bride-to-be? Hahaha *winks to Tishoo*

So anyhoo, when the BIG TUESDAY 28th of July, 2009 finally came, I can't avoid getting all jittery about weather conditions and all (some other group of people had even used our venue ahead of us as it was a first-come-first use-basis, huhuh, good thing they gave way to us) Oh great God, THANK YOU. Grateful with our only 7 witnesses (as 1 was late, hmp!), we finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy said our "I Do's" (with a little drama) right in the middle of the park. Many thanks to the very kind Minister, Mrs Belen for solemnizing the event. We wished our families and more of our friends were here but oh well, it was after all, what we considered a final rehearsal. LOL!!! So we'll hopefully see more witnesses by 2010! Woot!

So much more to say and to be thankful for (Mr. UNIVERSE most importantly). I just can't really describe more how amazing it all turned out. *BIGGEST GRIN*

More photos will be uploaded soon here and @ Facebook.
Photo taken by: Bontic
Post-processed: me


  1. akoy una mo comment. :P congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Minervs!!!! kapila naman ko ni-congrats, hehe.

  2. @USCChe2003: Hala salamat au oi...pero murag mag ila2x sa ta beh ahahhaha wla man pud kay name intawn...faets! LOL!


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