"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry." -Tom Mullen

Hello Universe!

Welcome ... henceforth, will be mostly about Our Story and hopefully more decades of stories ahead of us,
in this now-life-long journey of marriage, and yeah, maybe that includes all the bling-blings in between. =)

About 10 yrs of long (and sometimes twisted) engagement...then just got civilly married in 2009...
and we just did it again in a church, exactly a year after --- last 28th of July 2010 @ 3pm
---a dream come true vintage themed wedding!!! Hooray!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Countdown: 6 months!!!

Yesterday marked our 6months being hubby ♥ wifey!
what a big miracle is that?!!! Aheheh
Woop! =) *chicken-dance attempt haha*

I couldnt help but put together our wedding shots (taken during our last civil wedding in 2009 by my wonderful friends Bontic, Tet and Vanessa -- always grateful to you guys) & my own self-portraits but of course! Photos post processed by moi! Teehee!

So, here's a fastrack-slideshow (an unofficial save-d-date video if this may serve so,too), excuse the naive-ness --- but we were reli deliriously happy editing it all, giving me all the chills of nostalgic-ness, hehe, credits more with the hubby's help on the iMovie app. =)

Yeeehooo! Spreadin' la la la Lovee! ♥♥♥

Our Wedding (Part 1) from rukiasan on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello Checklist

Let's do some slashin' off the major checklist, shall we?
  • Book Chapel
  • Decide on Officiant
  • Reserve the Reception Place
  • Decide on Official Photographers
  • Decide on Videographer (Oooh this apparently is one of the hardest part, hmmm..gave up jason magbanua & mayad studios...why, hello, we're not filthy rich! AHahaha... so it almost made me think, nevermind the videography... but any idea on super 8mm filmmakers? woodstock 70's style haha....hmm idea from somewhere but no clue if how it's gonna cost us)
  • Put together entourage & finalize guest list (100 should be intimate enough!)
  • Decide on Food Catering (prospects in place at least...hope's there's a sushi bar , onegaiii! hehe)
  • Find my wedding dress/gown (my fervent prayers to find it soon)
  • Find my hubby's suit (surely not a problem as it seems)
  • Find our wedding shoes (flats please?)
  • The bridal car BIKE!!! *grin*
  • Bridesmaids or no bridesmaids? (still contemplating...)
  • Decide on wedding cupcakes design & baker (mountain of cupcakes yeyy + my simpson cake to fit somewhere hihi)
  • Florists (origami if budget fails heheh)
  • HMUA
  • Envision the wedding stationeries, save-the-dates, place cards, etc (Yeyyy i have a faery friend to help me on this - Dimplesss!!!)
  • Snap station (polaroid? holga? vintage camwhoring weeeeeeeeeh)
  • Souvenirs (disposable cameras or what? oh i only wish)
  • Jazz band? (with bossa,too)

Oh, there. Pheww.. lucky I got at least 4 items marked off, Nyahaha!
And well , it's still 181 days to go...la la la....
No one's panicking. La la la....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snap Station Idea!!!

Click! snap! click! snap! Yeyyy!
I want one I want one I really do!!!!

Saw this idea first featured from RocknRollbride.com!
I know I have other gazillion things to prepare first before this but I couldn't wait to put this into writing so it will become close to happening on the BIG day. Hehe

Last weekend, the hubby and I already found some junkshop who sells vintage collection of this cameras too! Weeeeeeeeeeeeh!

My hyper mind is telling me now that we can set up this snap station with a vintage backdrop and anyone can pick any camera they like and just help themselves! Teehee!

Now, where to find those old films? Oooops =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Wedding Party-to-be!

By the beach.
Yes, we're gonna book the place within this week. Yehooo!

Roofed among the stars over dinner.
Japanese Lanterns.
Bossa + Jazz.
A jukebox perhaps? Hehe

Then there'll be sparklers...

Well, I did prefer a lunch reception party, however, with much weighin' on the pro's and con's... and besides, to exactly mark our wedding a year after (Round 2) so to speak, dinner became the best decision to make. =)

Oh my...I surely wish we can pull out something as close to these gorgeousness. Hehe
I even wonder if we can transform the whole boardwalk into something that gives a 'back-in-the 60's or 70's feel'. Hmmm like this table set up which is vintage-inspired,too...

Thanks to my wind-faery friend Bevlee for finding this link. =)

More details to brew up soon....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Wedding Chapel-to-be!!!

70-seater + squeeze in 30 more perhaps?

Photo credits from CebuHeritage.com

Years ago when Dimps had her faery wedding here and while I was also one of the faery bridesmaids, I had that fixation that someday I wanted to get married on same so-wonderful-place,too. I never dreamed of really big churches --- this is just so perfect for us ---as intimate and solemn as it can hopefully be.

Goosebumps?? Oh very much. =)

Photo credits from my mobile phone hehe

The hubby and I visited that place again on our last vacay to Cebu last December.
I was silly to even take a short video while practicing walking the aisle-- and humming the wedding march song! LOL!!!

This is sooo it! Finally booked it on that BIG day-to-be! =)


I had all goosebumps when my faery-buddy Dimples sent my now-wedding-dress-inspiration the other day. I sure have listed quite many links too (including from friends' suggestions and all) but this one blew me away!!!
Oh big thank you thank you to Dimps!!! So happy happy!! =)

And by the way, 'goosebumps' are pretty much my instinct saying 'this-is-so-it!!!' Teehee!

Apparently I am not a fan of ball-gown-types (or i mean big gowns), duh! I don't even know what to call those dresses/gowns. I am one of those late bloomers if I may just note and Dimples knew me too well,too that this is gonna be something I'd lurvvvv, less complications if i may specify: the vintage yet refreshing and 'dreamy' feel is there for me. But I know it'll be hard to find exactly one coz apparently it's an only one handmade by the mother's bride (My bff Yvon agrees, and wished we had a mother like hers. Hehe. You should visit the rest of that link!!!) --- and of course, I don't intend to copy-cat too all for originality's sake, hehe. Since we're going vintage, I'll most likely add some lace/beadwork to it but just less. Oh I don't know --- I hope my faery godmother leads me to it SooN because to-date, I've decided I'm not going to some dressmaker ---(i know this is gonna sound ridiculous) ---- instead I am going to hunt down every shop there is in Singapore or wherever (that includes flea markets by the way) and if need be, just get alterations by then --- so send me your lucks now! Haha
Seriously, I kinda want my dress to be eco-friendly (is that a good term for frugality,too haha) --- it's just not soo me to fit in those designer clothes. I sure drool on others that wear those really 'sophisticated' ones but when it comes to 'my wedding' --- I'd say I got my own definition,too. Tsk tsk. Oh you bet I wished my mother's wedding dress is still alive but no, it's been trashed long ago. =(

If all else fail, someone's gonna be panicking to go to the nearest dresshop. Uhmmm, and hope my wedding coordinator doesn't spank me for this! *winks to Tisha* LOL!

Say, let's pause for a while and stare together on this ---
Otherwise, just let me be. =)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding (Whewwws) Hues!

"Begin envisioning your wedding style and wedding colors..."

My long overdue task at theKnot.com. Teehee!
Funny how I made my account from that site ages ago , back when the first wedding date didnt push thru.
*oooooh don't ask me why or when hahah*

Now that I really need to sit down on things seriously --- I must work up on my sleeves and start glaring for ideas.

And I love to shout this out "THANK YOU UNIVERSE for giving me a 2nd BRAIN!!!"
What-Who am I talking about??? Hahahha
Well I recently just love calling my bff Yvon as my 2nd Brain hahaha
She's always there to chat/talk around with and she's utterly overlooking my wedding preps as well!
Oh she knows me too well too for being that last minute person! Haha =)

I must confess to those who don't know --- that it helps me humongously that I DO have a 2nd brain or even more brains pleaseeee --- all because of my photography craziness. tsk tsk. So i got piles of edits and few client shoots to do while planning my own church wedding ---- and that makes me almost hiring a personal assistant now. Ahahaha

Okayyyy enough of my blah-excuses --- at the end of this now-turned-out-dizzy day of finding what better wedding hues --- eng eng eng ---- Yvon found this inspiration for me from another cool blogger-friend of hers who also just got married last December '09. (I have to shoot her an email soon to THANK HER for her posts.)

It soooo matches my dream vintage wedding-to-be!!!

I was so giddy to tell Dimples, my best buddy in the world, to help me with all the designing as well and with her faery-magical-creative-soul, she sent me these color combo line up:

So officially, our wedding theme colors shall be mainly sort of muted/antique vintage colors!
Yehooooo! *goosebumps goosebumps*
At least something clearer now to decide on right away for everything else next!!!

p.s. I feel happy i'm really writing these things you know. *patting myself on the back hehe*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First things First

I have found me a free wedding site --- yayyy!
Oh but not putting it up yet until things are quite settled with suppliers and all that! ;p

First things first ---- so we're actually getting married again! *Oh that sends chills saying that.* =)
By the way if you missed it, we already got civilly married in Singapore and so this time around, exactly a year after --- 07/28/2010 @ 3pm --- we're doing it again in a church back home in Cebu! Weeeh!

And since me and the hubby are both based in SG, we're lucky to have one of the best wedding coordinators , a good friend back in high -- Tisha Mae Sanchez-Cue to help in the coordination of all planning in Cebu. Apart from being so inspired too from her own wedding story, I know she's the best to pick amongst the many. Woopeey that she agreed to work with us!!!

Today, I was also chattin' with my bff Yvon, reminding me 'NOT TO GO OVERWHELMED' on stuff so I don't miss out other more important things to prepare for the wedding --- that's coming from a just recently wed herself! =)

So yeah, I better hold on to my chair and say to me, 'Reeeelaxx'. *wink*

Saturday, January 16, 2010


That's how I am as a blogger to-date. =(
But hey, i did put up a 'warning sign' back then on the very first post. Booooo!

Oh well...I sure have been banging my head since the start of twenty ten.
By the way, Happy Late Year to all! *as it is now few days after the new...har har*
I miss writing my heart out and I know I have no pretty excuse to anyone why.

But TODAY, because I am in the office bored on a saturday weekend, here I am dusting off this blogsite to pave the way for ----- eng eng eng.....our church wedding to be!!!
Just 6months of bliss from getting married yet and can't imagine we'll be doing it again!
Woop woop!

So expect few updates on the wedding details soon!
Yea, you heard me right! =)

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