"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry." -Tom Mullen

Hello Universe!

Welcome ... henceforth, will be mostly about Our Story and hopefully more decades of stories ahead of us,
in this now-life-long journey of marriage, and yeah, maybe that includes all the bling-blings in between. =)

About 10 yrs of long (and sometimes twisted) engagement...then just got civilly married in 2009...
and we just did it again in a church, exactly a year after --- last 28th of July 2010 @ 3pm
---a dream come true vintage themed wedding!!! Hooray!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We've done it! Woot woot!!!

TODAY's Weather Forecast in Singapore: 32°C, Current: Mostly Cloudy (but there were clear blue blue skies), Wind: S at 19 km/h, Humidity: 66%...and at 3 o'clock, down at the park, in the midst of shady trees and few mins away from the breeze of the beach.....WE JUST GOT MARRIED!!!! Tadaaah!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes, yes, yes!
Me and Brian, no matter how very different we were, finally, after 9 years + 7 months of long-sometimes-twisted-rollercoaster-love-and-LQ-ride (teehee!), have said our 'I Do's'! Woot woot!

And I just made this new blogsphere just this morning just because!!!!

I can't promise to update this blog all the time, but I thought there's another space I can write up my musings to this ever-new-wonderful-scary-exciting-exhilarating-journey of getting and being married!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehehehehe!!!

I am still catchin' up for air from all in a day's work (can't wait for all awesome pics to be uploaded). Sadly, I couldn't be my own photographer for my own wedding, can't I? Teehee!

BIG BIG BIG THANKS for all the wonderful and happy thoughts sent on our wedding day!
It was only a 9-amazing-crazy-people-ceremony as we kept it really private and practical. *smirk*

The Universe certainly have never failed to conspire. Hurray for Law of Attraction!!!

More details coming up soon....
For now, we need to last minute pack for the ----- eng eng eng....hahaha---honeymooon!
Now that's another exciting story, yeah?

All the Love & Thanks,
(ahem ahem)

Mr & Mrs Minerva
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